Back to School and DIY’s

The summer is coming to an end, and school has started up again! I am now going to a new school and I have some new friends too! I had a blast over the summer and I’m sad it’s over. Of course I love school and meeting new people, but Summer is full of cool crafts and fun activities. I always love getting back in the school spirit though, with some fun crafts and DIY’s! Click on the link to find a cool back to school activity and I hope you enjoy them!

Back to school-DIY Projects for Teens/Tweens




Hi! Next week is going to be great because… I’m getting BRACES!!!!!! I am actually really excited. I have been waiting and waiting for this moment. I will most likely get purple, blue, or pink braces. I am a bit sad though, because my favorite candies are gummy worms and Swedish Fish, but I won’t be allowed to eat that stuff. I have learned about braces from this Youtube channel called Seven Super Girls. They have a few videos of the girls getting their braces on and off and even a Braces Q&A! Enjoy! Click here for the Braces Q&A video!

School! Camp! Fun!

It is a bit late for this post, but I am doing it anyway. School started a few weeks ago, and it has been good so far. I just got back from a school sleep away camp trip and it was amazing. There were so many different animals there and the cabins were actually comfortable(Surprise). I liked it but missed home and I am not going there again, at least not for a long time. School is great but it is my last year at this school, and then I go to a whole new school! I will miss my school so much. (This is the giant slide :-))fb22d504887306ea397c7caec7f7cc53

Mystic Aquarium

On Tuesday, I visited Mystic Aquarium. It was so much fun!!! My favorite part was going to the sea lion show. I was picked as a volunteer and got to meet a sea lion and do a few tricks. At the end, I had to lean in, and the sea lion kissed me!!! It was amazing. Then, I got to pet sting rays and longfin catsharks. Awesome! I also loved the seals. So cute! Mystic is a great place to visit. Here is a clip from the show:


Summer Vacation

Finally! Summer is over and it is time for camps, vacations, and sitting around doing nothing but sleep. This Saturday, my family and I are going to Washington DC! I have never been, so I’m psyched. We are going to tour the Capitol and the Library of Congress. Can’t wait!!! After that, I have camp for 2 weeks and then I go to my beach house and then camp for 2 weeks again. I love summer! 6080137063_71b986b12f_b.jpg

Puppy Love

I just got a new puppy yesterday! His name is Crosby. He is a Toy Poodle. Crosby is a cuddle bug. He is also super sneaky. He will slip right onto your feet when you aren’t paying attention. I love him! FullSizeRender

Talent Show

Yesterday was my school’s talent show. I hula hooped with one of my friends. Some of my other friends did dances in the show. At the beginning, the teachers and principal did a dance to 2 songs. They were hilarious! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year.ts


Do you love your school? I sure do. My teacher teaches us things through games and posters to help us understand the concepts. We have town meetings and last time, my teacher and principal got pied in the face! It was hilarious. What do you think you would do if you got pied in the face?pieinface