Back to School and DIY’s

The summer is coming to an end, and school has started up again! I am now going to a new school and I have some new friends too! I had a blast over the summer and I’m sad it’s over. Of course I love school and meeting new people, but Summer is full of cool crafts and fun activities. I always love getting back in the school spirit though, with some fun crafts and DIY’s! Click on the link to find a cool back to school activity and I hope you enjoy them!

Back to school-DIY Projects for Teens/Tweens



Art Wall

Hi! I am starting a new page called Art Wall. I am going to take photos of art I make and put it on the page. I thought it would be cool if some of you drew something, took a picture, and send it to me via email Maybe I will even share some of your art on my wall too! Here is the first one that I am posting:FullSizeRender