Hi! Next week is going to be great because… I’m getting BRACES!!!!!! I am actually really excited. I have been waiting and waiting for this moment. I will most likely get purple, blue, or pink braces. I am a bit sad though, because my favorite candies are gummy worms and Swedish Fish, but I won’t be allowed to eat that stuff. I have learned about braces from this Youtube channel called Seven Super Girls. They have a few videos of the girls getting their braces on and off and even a Braces Q&A! Enjoy! Click here for the Braces Q&A video!


School! Camp! Fun!

It is a bit late for this post, but I am doing it anyway. School started a few weeks ago, and it has been good so far. I just got back from a school sleep away camp trip and it was amazing. There were so many different animals there and the cabins were actually comfortable(Surprise). I liked it but missed home and I am not going there again, at least not for a long time. School is great but it is my last year at this school, and then I go to a whole new school! I will miss my school so much. (This is the giant slide :-))fb22d504887306ea397c7caec7f7cc53

Mystic Aquarium

On Tuesday, I visited Mystic Aquarium. It was so much fun!!! My favorite part was going to the sea lion show. I was picked as a volunteer and got to meet a sea lion and do a few tricks. At the end, I had to lean in, and the sea lion kissed me!!! It was amazing. Then, I got to pet sting rays and longfin catsharks. Awesome! I also loved the seals. So cute! Mystic is a great place to visit. Here is a clip from the show: