Art Wall

Hi! I am starting a new page called Art Wall. I am going to take photos of art I make and put it on the page. I thought it would be cool if some of you drew something, took a picture, and send it to me via email Maybe I will even share some of your art on my wall too! Here is the first one that I am posting:FullSizeRender


Grace Lin visit

Hey everyone! Today, famous award-winning author and illustrator Grace Lin came to my school. Some of my friends and I got our books signed by her. She wrote Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I love this book so much. It is the one I bought and had her sign. I even took a picture with her!

Here is the link for her youtube channel: grace lin channel


You can buy this book at Amazon

Brick World (on YouTube)

Hi! I wanted to tell you all about my friend’s cool Lego video site called Brick World! On the site, he tells you about lego characters and sets that he has. For example, there is one called Lego Kendo Fighter Series 15. He talks about the Lego Kendo and points out certain things. He showed me some pretty cool things!

BrickWorld Channel

Here is one of my favorite Lego Friends set’s that I’m making now:


You can buy this set on at this link:


Super Bowl Sunday

The big day is here! Super Bowl Sunday! Some of you might be watching the game, and if you aren’t, that is fine too. We are having a party and bought some cool cookie cakes I wanted to share with you! They are from Stop and Shop and look amazing!IMG_0462.JPGIMG_0461